Explore Messinia

Exploring the south west coast of the Peloponnese peninsula reveils beautiful beaches with golden sand and crystal clear waters, endless olive groves and vineyards, and castles with rich history. Unveiling the genuine image of the Greek countryside with it’s welcoming inhabitants Messinia is one of the most beautiful and upcomming destinations in Greece.

In the wider area of Messinia there are lots of places of interest and charming villages to visit by car. As the sea is never far away you can always combine your trip with a visit to a beach. Cafes and Tavernas you will find even in the most remote places serving traditional Greek food homemade with fresh local ingredients.2016-10-15-20-26-00-1

Gialova (10min): small touristic village. The boulevard counts many restaurants and some bars with terraces overlooking the sea. Special in the evenings a lively place to go for a stroll and to have dinner. Also good for windsurfing / horse riding and golf.

Pylos (20min): a very charming harbour village overlooking the bay of Navarinou. Watch the peaceful Greek life on the central square enjoying a coffee on one of the terraces under the ancient elm trees. In Pylos you will find many shops and restaurants around the square and along the harbour quay. Pylos also houses the beautiful and very well kept Turkish Castle, d.d 1573, Neokastro and an archaeological museum. In Pylos you can also: hire a boat / do a boat excursion /  dive (famous for shipwrecks!).

Marathopoli (15min ) : This coastal little village has no beach but a nice promenade along the sea. There you will find good restaurants and bars to enjoy. Als for Boat-Hire / Boat excursions / Sailing / Diving / Climbing on the islet of Proti.

Chora (15 min.) : 10 min. from Ilios kai Thalassa on the road to Chora you will find the Palace of Nestor,The palace, built by King Nestor, son of Neleus, in the late Bronze Age is considered to be the best example of a well-preserved Mycenaean palace in all of Greece. 

In Chora itself there is a little museum with artefacts found at the Palace of Nestor and from some thombs in the area.


Petrochori (walking distance): PaleoKastro / Voidokilia Beach / Gialova Lagune / Nestors Cave

Methoni (25min): Castle built by the Venetians in the early 13th century on a rocky promontory, the castle is among the largest ones in the Mediterranean.


Koroni (45min): Castle One of the finest examples of Venetian fortress architecture and amongst the few to encompass houses and churches. It was build in the 13 the century and revamped by the Ottomans in the 16 th.


Mavrommati, Ancient Messini (40 min): The best-known and most extensive archaeological site in Messinia is the eponymous Messini. Founded by the Theban general in 369 BC, the ancient city of Messini offers a venerable archaeological treasure for visitors. one of the most important excavated ancient cities in Greece.


Polylimnio Waterfalls (25 min ): Hiking~Swimming


Romanos (walking distance): Golf / Biking / Kite-surfing/ Swimming


It is a nice drive to the Church of Transfiguration of the Saviour in Christianoupoli. This Church is one of the most imposing middle-Byzantine monuments of Greece. Afterwards you can drive to Kyparissia to see the old castle and enjoy lunch in the old part of the town.


Just outside Kyparissia you can visit  the old watermill.  A nice place to visit and drink a coffee in the garden.



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