Where to find us?


How to get to guesthouse Ilios kai Thalassa?

By Air; Kalamata and from there travel by bus or even better rent a car. It takes about 1 hour from the airport to Guesthouse Ilios kai Thalassa. From April till October there are many direct flights to Kalamata from eg. Amsterdam, Berlin, Birmingham, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Milan, München, Nantes,  London Gatwick, Paris, Vienna, Zurich.

By Air; Athens if you want to combine your staying at Guesthouse Ilios kai Thalassa with a visit to Athens (or elsewhere) it is ideal to fly to Athens and rent a car. It’s a good 3 ~ 3,5 hours drive to us using the perfect highway from Athens to Kalamata. There is also a express bus connection from Athens to Kalamata.

By Air; Patras, Araxos Airport is about 2 1/2 hours to Guesthouse Ilios kai Thalassa. During the season there are flights from eg. Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Frankfurt/main, Hanover, Munich, Brussels, Paris, Vienna.

By Car; take a ferryboat from Italy (Ancona, Brindisi, Venice ) to Patras and drive further south from there in about 2,5 hours you will reach our guesthouse.

Contact & Reservation: +30 6 995614115 ilioskaithalassa@gmail.com